Beach Retreat Meditation Retreat Womens Retreat plus Yoga, Dance, Reiki, Mermaid Swim

Are you ready for a mircle? Are you ready to “let in the Light”? Is it time for some rejuvenation? Ready to let your Light shine? We’re having a women’s spa yoga & meditation retreat at a 4-star beachfront resort in Maryland this Summer. Mermaid swimming, ecstatic (water) dancing, yoga, angelic meditations, spa treatments, sitting in circle, resting, and rejuvenating! Pamper yourself and take your life to the next level. Learn to be a presence of the sacred feminine and channel Divine Light to ripple throughout your world. Apply for this luxurious weekend get-away for women! We’ll picnic in Assateague Island, with the wild horses and pink flamingoes, swim, play, laugh, watch the stars twinkle, and practice showing up in our lives the way we reallly want to… From Friday thru Sunday, join Teresa as she facilitates this uplifting retreat. Meet like-minded women who are ready to explore their feminine radiance.

This is a small group retreat and we want to create a safe space to go deeply into our angelic hearts.

Apply here today!

We have space for 6 more women to stay over two nights,

Friday and Saturday.

Sunday night is extra.

Workshop (no lodging)

Weekend: $199

1-Day $99

1/2 Day $49


Lodging (no workshops)

Early Bird (til 11pm on 7/23) $199
Friday & Saturday Nights: $299
Sunday Night: $99

One-on-one sessions with Teresa: $75/hr
Salon & Spa Treatments: Ask for Recommendations
(Must book spa & salon a week ahead of time.)

The FULL WEEKEND offers lodging and various group activities.

Together, we will relax on the beach, get in touch with our feminine radiance, swim in the beachfront, 84’F pool, staying at one of the highest rated locations in Ocean City, MD. Additionally, we’ll have time to get a salon visit, spa treatment, go to the waterslide amusement park, have dinner overlooking the ocean, meditate, and delve into our path of personal empowerment. Explore your inspiring paradigm of personal empowerment as you honor your feminine essence. Delve into Divine Radiance…


Your facilitator will be Teresa Ann Foxworthy, who has been coaching women for over 25 years, helping them manage goals and rejuvenate their lives. She has taught or led events in Maui, California, Maryland, France, and soon, Bali!

For more info:

The following weekend, August 25-27th, is Teresa’s LOVE & SPIRITUALITY weekend workshop, helping men and women explore their romantic paradigms, and learn better relationship skills.

For more info:

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