Love & Spirituality

PATH to the BELOVED: Relationship as Spiritual Practice

With a high divorce rate in many countries, we are dedicated to providing information and support for women and men who want a more fulfilling love life. Our programs emphasize personal evolution and organize events as safe spaces to explore your romantic paradigm while you learn better communication skills & master male-female relationships.

Our monthly weekend retreats, give you the opportunity to meet like-minded men and women so you can improve the quality of your day-to-day life. Choose from over a 100 programs in a variety of formats to fit your lifestyle. Each person who attends our workshops or enrolls in our group coaching must complete the application process to ensure the highest quality of events.

As destinations, we select popular locations and nurturing venues to make learning fun & easy. Your inner evolution advances powerfully with these group sessions, coupled with 1:1 coaching with our founder & director, Teresa Ann Foxworthy. She has over 20 years experience nurturing all of the relationships in her life and teaches you to do the same.

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