Advanced Coaching

Once you’ve gotten your footing on your spiritual path and romantic paradigm, and have attracted your Beloved, you two are learning how to love. For some that is where things either get sublime or conflicting. How do you negotiate who does what? Many topics would be discussed beforehand, had we the insight. ANGELS RISING is an advanced program for couples who are committed to each other and want to evolve their ecstasy, beyond the ordinary.

Weekly sessions will make all the difference as you address the issues and objectives in your love affair. Teresa coaches one or both of you, teaching meditation techniques, communication skills, help planning your special romantic getaways, mastering male-female dynamics, exploring romantic paradigms, understanding advanced tantric principles, creating a sacred sanctuary for yourselves with ancient wisdom, learning the secrets of mystic lovers, joining her retreats in exquisite locations, and more.


By appointment only ~

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