Path to the Beloved: Relationship as Spiritual Practice began in 1996. Teresa noticed a lack of heart-centered teachings in her area and began groups in alliance with Spirit Rock, the nearby meditation center. Relationships are built on trust, respect, compassion, patience, and other virtues which must be cultivated over the years of our lives.

Teresa’s has an international roster of clients who resonate with this heart-centered teaching. First, we must align with our own spiritual nature, in order to best serve our beloved, as we both evolve and change, explore and expand. This collection of programs revolve around the concept of love and spirituality.

We are non-denominational, educational and social programs, for men and women, singles and couples. Our main formats are retreats, workshops, coaching-by-phone, and courses taught in-person & online, as well as by tele-conferencing. More and more people are seeking a deeper level of emotional intimacy in their romantic relationships. We are here to help that.

Couples who are able to communicate their feelings from the heart, are usually better able to navigate the challenges which arise with each other. Couples who want to rekindle their passion discover that emotional intimacy is usually the threshold to a new, more exciting level of intimacy, both physical and emotional. Spiritual communion with one’s beloved is ecstatic.