FLR Tantra #MeToo #TimesUp


Many women worldwide have been emotionally, physically, or sexually violated. Many lose interest in sex for a variety of reasons and their lack of interest or lack of satisfaction erodes if not destroys the intimacy with their mate. To remedy this, Teresa has developed a program for singles and couples, men and women: Female Led Tantra or FLR Tantra – Dancing with the Mystical Feminine. As women feel safe to ask for what they want, their partners are better informed and can negotiate from there, which is a far better situation than their mate not knowing. So, we’ve put together some dates between February and May 2018 and hope you’ll consider attending as training for you or people you care about. The first step is to complete this Fetish Quiz to identify your “Romantic Paradigm”. Your romantic paradigm is not for eternity. But you may have discover that it is either changing all the time or you have been wanting to settle into a specific scenario with our beloved.


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