Living from the Heart

Love & Spirituality are a match, literally made in Heaven! The heart & soul of each person is divinely activated when we fall in love. Once the honeymoon is over, it’s time to take on relationship challenges as a spiritual practice. In this way, we elevate our lives, recognizing the noble endeavor that connects love & spiritual development. Here, we discover the gender gap has been bridged, as we learn just how much we have in common, wanting to love & be loved so tenderly, before our time on earth expires.

What helps couples the most are regular intervals of reflection & communication. First, each individual must connect with their core values & challenges. Next, they must be open hearted & open-minded enough to listen to their beloved express all of their aspirations. Only then will you discover scenarios which elevate you both to your higher ground. And how sweet it is, when you resolve issues, one after another, year after year, decade after decade. So that when you have come to the last chapter of your life, you will smile with the satisfaction that you have loved with all that you are.

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